The Nike Air Huarache Run made its debut back in 1991.  In a time where sneakers were all pretty much rockin’ the same type of silhouette or structure, Nike and Tinker Hatfield decided to create a sneaker that was “stripped to the bare essentials”. Tinker made sure it was a lightweight runner (9.5 ounces) and also made sure it had a look of its own. Stripping away the Nike Swoosh branding, Tinker wanted to let the technology of the shoe do the talking. One of those technological advancements happened to be a blend of Lycra and neoprene fabrics that would forever change the course of Nike history.

Named after a Native American sandal, the Nike Air Huarache has a very comfortable feel to it, making it seem like the shoe is actually “hugging” your foot. Built with Nike Air cushioning, a Phylon midsole and a unique thermoplastic heel strap, the shoe was unique for the time and would go on to become one of the most revolutionary shoes Nike has ever come out with.

After having a successful initial launch back in the early ’90s, it began to slowly step away from the limelight. But just like anything worth having, it has finally made its long awaited reemergence. The Nike Air Huarache began releasing in larger quantities last year and began to gain some momentum when people noticed one of their all-time favorite sneakers was once again available for purchase. Fast forward to today and the Nike Air Huarache is as highly coveted as it has ever been. With the demand as high as ever, Nike has attempted to keep up by trying to give us as many releases as they can. Half the year has passed and there has been more a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking up colorways of the Nike Air Huarache. An array of men and women releases have been released and Nike Air Huarache enthusiasts could not be more happier!

Today I’m going to give you my personal opinion of the top 10 Nike Air Huarache Runs that have released in the first half of 2015. Let me know what you think, and feel free to tell me if I missed out on some of your personal favorite colorways.

10Nike WMNS Air Huarache Run “Teal”


Who doesn’t like teal colorways on a sneaker? Something about that colorway that really stands out when you put it on a pair of shoes. The tonal look on the upper paired up with the solid white sole unit is more than enough for this Huarache Run to crack the top 10. Also, as a side note, you’re going to notice that a lot of these colorways happen to be women’s colorways. I guess Nike felt the need to hook up the women more than the men this time around. What’s up with that, Nike?!

9Nike Air Huarache Run “White Ostrich”


This pair would have been ranked higher, but I really wasn’t feeling the ostrich leather being utilized on the toe box, causing major creasing in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for white/gum combination on sneakers, but if they would have kept the toe box in mesh, this would have been close to a perfect sneaker. It’s still good enough to be number 9 though.

8Nike WMNS Air Huarache Run “Aloha Red”


The “Aloha” pack for women consisted of two different colorways, one happened to be the one you see above. Coming in a red upper with a safari-print on it, the shoe also utilizes a Hawaiian floral print on the neoprene sock bootie of the shoe, making for a really good looking shoe. So tell me Nike, why weren’t these released in men’s sizes?

7Nike Air Huarache Run “Wolf Grey”


Coming in at number 7 is the subtle but sweet looking Wolf Grey colorway of the Huarache Run. Grey is on of those colors that goes with basically anything in your wardrobe. The different type of mesh used on the toe box is also a refreshing new take on the Nike Huarache Run.

6Nike WMNS Air Huarache Run “Hot Lava”


I really didn’t want to put an all-red sneaker on this list, but once you take a good look at this “Hot Lava” colorway of the Nike Air Huarache Run, you will understand why I had to put it at number 6. The monochromatic sneaker consists of a red upper along with a red sole unit. Safari print is implemented on the leather, further adding to the beautiful aesthetics of the shoe. Yea, it’s also a women’s colorway.

5Nike WMNS Air Huarache Run “Blue Legend”


Coming in at number 5 is the “Blue Legend” colorway of the Huarache Run. Just like the “Hot Lava” version, this womens colorway also opts to go with a monochromatic look. Blue is seen on the upper as well as in the entire sole unit of the shoe. Safari print is also seen on the leather upper, making this colorway good enough to be number 5 in the top 10.

4Nike WMNS Air Huarache Run “Aloha Black”

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The second pair of the “Aloha” pack comes in a beautiful black upper that also rocks the safari theme on the leather. The entire neoprene sock bootie is covered in the Hawaiian floral print, resulting in a beautiful looking shoe. If you’re looking for a black shoe with a certain “pop” to it, this is definitely the one for you. Although it’s a women’s colorway, I think I can fit into a size 12. Dope looking shoe, man!

3Nike WMNS Air Huarache Run “Cinnabar”


This women’s pair actually released not too long ago. I actually tried to get a pair for myself but I’m sure a bunch of other guys who fit into a size 12 had the same idea and beat me to the punch. Something about this shade of red mixed with the yellow hit that works so well together! It’s not your typical “red” shoe, which sort of makes it more appealing to me in my eyes. Great looking shoe that’s worthy of being number 3 on the list.

2Nike Air Huarache Run “Triple White”


An all white sneaker for the summer is a must and it looks like the Nike Air Huarache Run “Triple White” is a lot of people choice this summer. Decked out in all white, it really doesn’t get any cleaner than this. Just be careful though, stay away from mud, dirt and dust, or else it’s done! Even with that precautionary measurement, I still had to put this colorway at number 2. I love living life on the edge.

1Nike WMNS Air Huarache Run “Bronzine”


When this bronzine colorway released, if you weren’t able to buy it on release day, you now have to pay close to $300 at the resell price. Coming in a beautiful bronzine/gold covered upper, this colorway of the Nike Air Huarache is the perfect mix of stylish, elegance and casual all wrapped up into one. The white sole unit helps to further accentuate the look of the upper. In my opinion, this is not only the best looking Nike Air Huarache Run colorway of the first half of 2015, but it’s also one of the best looking Huarache Run colorways that I have seen in a long time. Yeah, you guessed it, it’s a women’s colorway.

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